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My name is Sharon. I am a wife and stay at home Mom to 2 beautiful kids! I love being creative and adore taking pictures! I grew up in Houston and moved to Katy the summer of 2012 and we love it!

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Sharon Graf
(832) 206-7979

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Cheeky Baby Cakes

 How it Started: I was invited to a co-worker’s baby shower and they opted not to know the sex of their baby. Not wanting to get a traditional gift off their registry, I remembered hearing about diapers cakes from the popular t.v. series "Sex and the City." I did some research, started on it and finished in 2 days, and was quite proud with the result! Of course, the ultimate test was if the Mommy to be liked it, and when I arrived at the shower, she just went crazy! I have since made this my signature gift to bring to baby showers and thought it would be fun to do the same for others! So poof, Cheeky Baby Cakes was born!
**A deposit of $25 is due at the time you place your order. However, if you order within 2 weeks of deliver date, the full amount is due at the time you place your order. If you cancel the order within 48 hrs of the delivery date, the deposit will not be refunded. The deposit will go toward the purchase of your cake. **
 My 3 tier diaper cakes are $85 each. This includes 60 Pampers Swaddlers, Size 1 diapers. My 4 tier diaper cakes are $125. This includes around 100 Pampers Swadders, Size 1 diapers. All diaper cakes include high quality ribbons and various other decorations. Upon request from the customer, I can include lotions, rattles, bibs, etc. at a extra price. 
Diaper cupcakes are $5 each. You can place them around a table or the actual cake for added decoration. (Minimum purchase of 5 is required.)
Each cupcake consists of 6 diapers, a stem of flowers and high quality ribbon and stickers. It is the top tier of the regular size diaper cakes.   
I make my diaper cakes with the Mommy in mind. When placing an order, I will ask the customer for the gender, name or initials, colors of the nursery and the theme. I like to make sure this cake will mean something to the Mommy.
I accept cash, debt and credit cards.